Tuesday, June 30, Colonel Guy Hollingsworth spoke at the weekly BYU-Idaho Devotional. Colonel Hollingsworth has served nearly 40 years in the military, and reminded students to reach out and thank those serving in the military, as they and their families sacrifice much.

As an example of this, Colonel Hollingsworth informed the audience that out of his 33 years of marriage, 14 of those years were spent away from his wife,  as he served in various parts of the world.

Colonel Hollingsworth provided a history refresher to the audience, reminded them that the U.S. Constitution has lasted more than 225 years, and is considered the longest-lasting constitution on Earth.

He challenged the audience to think about all the freedoms that are available in the United States, and ushered those listening to be grateful for the sacrifices it has taken for the United States to become the nation it has.

Colonel Hollingsworth proceeded to call the audience to action.

“I’d like to now speak a bit about the principle of preparation, and to borrow a military term, address in a personal manner, your own soldier’s call to duty.” He invited the audience to use his words in an effort to strengthen their commitment to the gospel as we serve in the Lord’s army.

In conclusion, Colonel Hollingsworth challenged all those listening to look at their lives, and ask themselves if they were doing all they could in preparing for Church, their callings, and to be patient, humble, and submissive to the Lord’s will, as He has assigned a variety of duties for His people.