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Friday, May 29 at 8 p.m., students will have an opportunity to attend the Comedy Brawl held in the Oscar A. Kirkham

Event director Mackenzie Esmond, a sophomore studying English education, said the Comedy Brawl will incorporate performances from all of the school’s comedic clubs — the Academy of Comedy, Joker’s Krewe and Humor Code — into one show.

“It’s a show that showcases the three different types of comedy that we do at this school,” Esmond said.

Stand-up comedy from Jokers Krewe, improvisational comedy from the Academy of Comedy and sketch comedy from Humor Code will all be presented at the event, Esmond said.

Esmond said the event will be a friendly competition, despite being called a brawl in its event title.

“The brawl aspect is that there is just a lot of comedy coming at you,” said Nick Kanios, who co-founded Humor Code about three years ago and is an alumni of BYU-Idaho.

Kanios said that the Comedy Brawl can be an opportunity for students to find their favorite type of comedy presented on campus.

“It’s like a sampler,” Kanios said. “You can see what you really like.”

Chase Sawyer, manager of Jokers Krewe and a junior studying social work, said that Comedy Brawl is a comedic cultural experience, and for that reason, everyone should come to enjoy the event.

“Who knows how they feel when they are walking in.” Sawyer said. “I know they will leave happy.”

Esmond said she feels that laughter is the medicine for a bad day or for the craziness of college life.

“There is no better way to spend your Friday night,” Esmond said. “It’ll relieve their stress, and they’ll have an amazing time.”

Kanios said he can remember when a stranger came to him one night right after a performance and began to hug him. Kanios said it turns out that the man had been struggling, and it was laughing that gave the man the relief he needed that night.that gave him the relief he needed that night.

“You never know what the audience is going through, and there is something about comedy that can kind of elevate that a little bit,” Kanios said.

Leighann Lomonte, the manager for the Academy of Comedy and a junior studying choral music education, said everyone should go to the event, because everyone likes to laugh.

“Be prepared to laugh,” Lomonte said.

Esmond said the Comedy Brawl is something that has not been done for few semesters and is certainly a show students do not want to miss.

“It’s going to be a night of the best squeaky-clean comedy on campus,” Esmond said.

The event will cost $3, and the dress attire is campus dress.