KELSI MCCABE | Scroll Photography

The Department of Communication will host writing workshops every Thursday from 1-2 p.m. throughout the semester for students who wish to improve their writing skills.

“We created the workshops to provide students fun opportunities to learn about writing beyond their classroom experiences,” said Lane Williams, one of the faculty members in charge of the workshop and a professor in the communication department. “The reality today remains that many students struggle with grammar and effective writing in this age of short texts and hasty social media posts.”

Some of the scheduled workshops include proper email etiquette, how to use proper punctuation and ways to use more imagery in writing. Treats are also provided every week.

“We are finding that when students go out into the real world, comm. majors and non-comm. majors, they just don’t know how to write, and that is just so unfortunate,” said Emmilie Whitlock, an instructor for the workshops and a professor in the communication department. “I think it is a byproduct of our technological age that we can just type a quick message with our thumbs and not think about the sentence structure or grammar of it.”

These workshops are designed to give students more practice with these skills and become more effective communicators.

Although the workshops were created with communication majors in mind, students in any major are welcome to attend. Information including which faculty member is teaching and which topic will be discussed can be found on posters throughout the Jacob Spori Building on the bulletin boards.