Story by Cassie Dauphin

BYU-Idaho competitive dance and stunt team show off their moves, tricks and stunts for all to see and cheer them on Thursday, Feb. 25. When they are off the floor, they put a lot of hard work to find dances and choreography to impress the judges. When the day comes to show what they have practiced, they all excel. When the music starts, the audience is able to see their hard work pay off.

”It brings out emotions, and you dance for a purpose, and that’s what has been fun for me,” said Devyn Hinson, a freshman studying communication.

The competitive dance team here on campus currently has three teams competing this year. Each team had to dance in two categories, hip-hop and lyrical, and the groups were judged in many areas of their dances. The stunt team was judged on their stunting skills and sticking to what they learned.

”We had to start in January with even getting coaches, you cant do anything without coaches,” said Whitney Arnell, a senior studying recreation management. “Each one of the coaches have been having practices about threetimes a week since then. We have meetings with the coaches every week. We have meetings with our directors every week as well and meetings with advisors as well, so it takes quite a bit to put it all together.”

Sisters Malia and Whitney Arnell co-direct this event. With their knowledge of dance, stunting and cheerleading, they are able to work together to make this event possible for all to enjoy.

“The thing we like about this competition, though it’s not about the technique and everything, all of it’s if you go out there and you have a smile on your face and you work well, it’s more important than the actual stunt or dance,” said Malia Arnell, a senior studying social work.

The dance and stunt teams next competition is next month at the John W. Hart Building Gym.