A tree was cut down in preparation for the construction of a new apartment complex on 149 S. First West. The complex is scheduled to open in September 2014. KELLY GUBLER | Scroll Photography

An apartment complex to be built at 149 S. First West will feature community facilities, according to the Rexburg Planning and Zoning Commission.

Cory Sorensen, one of the project’s representatives, said the complex, near the BYU-Idaho Stadium, should house around 1,000 students.

“They are planning an underground full-court basketball facility right off the street,” according to a planning and zoning meeting record.

Additionally, the development might include space for campus student wards to gather for activities and events.

There is also a five-story parking garage planned for the complex.

The development will include nearly 500 parking spaces, which will be split between resident parking and parking for patrons of the light commercial units planned for the main floor of the buildings.

Sorensen said fewer than 10 parking stalls will be visible from the street.

The development lies within the pedestrian emphasis zone, which is designed to give students and community members walking access to campus and shopping.
Sorensen believes that this new development will be ideal for students who don’t have cars.

Being in the pedestrian emphasis zone, the development doesn’t need to have parking spaces for each of the complex’s residents and parking space will be limited for them.

Sorensen, who has been working on this project for 12 years, said ground for the complex was broken in June.

The building is scheduled to open in 2014.