KATE LEONARD | Scroll Photography

KATE LEONARD | Scroll Photography

After years of service to students at BYU-Idaho, the Computer Help Desk on the third floor of the McKay library is shutting its doors at the end of spring semester.

Yat Yeung, an employee at the Computer Help Desk and a senior studying art education, said they would still be serving students who need help along with student support.

Mitchell Willmore, a technician at the Computer Help Desk and a senior studying CIT, said many students who he has spoken with are upset the computer help lab is closing.

“It makes me really stressed out that they are closing after this semester,” said Laura Millward, a freshman studying early childhood special education. “I use them a lot at the beginning of the semester to help me clean up my computer.”

Willmore said they are not completely getting rid of computer help for students, but that the Computer Help Desk is closing, and will be moving to another building.

Yeung said the help desk will be operating differently and the staff who has been helping students will still be available at the new location.

“I have been told it will be appointment-only if students want to come in and get their computer looked at,” Willmore said.

Millward said she is unsure how the new system of getting computer help will operate, but is willing to go by appointment.

“I like that I can go in and get help from an actual human being, rather than figuring it out on my own,” Millward said.

The Computer Help Desk is currently on the third floor of the McKay library, room 322.