Concentrating on Fashion

Ever heard of Project Runway? Well, BYU-Idaho has majors, minors, clusters, modules, and has now introduced the concentration. This 32 credit program is matched with another concentration or two other clusters to create a well rounded fashion designers. This degree will be available to students year round.

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  1. August 28, 2015 @ 3:03 am Renato

    Mollee Suafo’aI was born into the church, but fell away as a tegenaer. Many things and depressing circumstances went into my falling away. During that time I came to know a darkness that was fueled by evil. I got pregnant as a teen which was the first eye opener. When you’re pregnant you start thinking about what you will teach your children. You start questioning how you will possibly help them grow up in a normal environment. Or at least one that won’t be damaging to them in any way. When I had these thoughts even after all I’d been through there was no other answer. I had done so much wrong but underneath the tough bad girl image I portrayed I knew what was right. Even if you question the specific beliefs there is no doubt that the values taught and the environment for our youth is far better to live by and follow then just hoping for the best and sending them out to find the wrong crowd and the wrong activities. Where I once was so deep in darkness I was suicidal, I now have a love for myself that I never knew before. I have a great respect for others. I’m not free of sin, or free of mistakes that I’ve made and will make in the future. I have three kids and two failed marriages, and I’m not even 25, but I have a guide to follow. I’ll never be alone even if I made the same stupid mistakes I have before. That won’t happen because I won’t allow myself, because I respect my body more than ever before. Heavenly Father has shown me how I’ve let people use me, and how I never win in the end when I allow that. He has also shown me no matter how low I become there is always a hand stretched forth to pull me to the top. I just have to reach toward it and not let doubt or stumbles over rocky terrain on my way let me fall again. I’m a daughter of a Heavenly King, a princess in His kingdom. I teach my three daughters that they are also daughters of a king. We are all princesses and princes and must learn to act like we are by following our brother Jesus Christ whom our Father the king has entrusted to instruct us. I have a testimony that surpasses temptations of the body, a mind that knows right from wrong, a guide to hold my hand on my journey, and a promise that when I fall I can get help back up. I love the sisters of the church. They have saved me several times. Women need the solace of other women. It is almost something that differentiates a tegenaer from a woman. In school you remember girls are raunchy and hard to get along with, but you know you’ve turned into a woman when you realize we are sisters in need of eachothers anchor, sometimes a shoulder to cry on, always inspiration and courage to move forward. Everything good I’ve ever felt has been from the church and my Heavenly Father. That is why I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and love it.


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