With signs and fingers held high, gros of people stood outside the Conference Center with the hope of obtainig tickets for the last General Conference session of April, 2013.

Although the Conference Center auditorium seats approximately 21,000 people, there are 14,782,473 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as of Dec 31, 2012, according to

Not every member can obtain tickets for any of the sessions.

Jake Thomas, a student of LDS Business College from Lake Forest, California, said it’s sometimes difficult to obtain tickets to sessions, so he thought he’d try finding tickets by asking for them outside the Conference Center.

Thomas said this is his first time trying to find tickets in this manner.

“I got two [tickets] for a buddy of mine for Priesthood [Session] and then two this morning,” said Thomas. “It worked out, so I’m trying to see if it will work out again.”

Kylie Wetherell, a woman from Rigby, Idaho, said Saturday was the first time she was able to go to General Conference.

“We were just lucky to get tickets this time,” Wetherell said.

Wetherell said she really liked being able to actually see the General Authorities speak, rather than watching them on television.

Brad Egbert from Rexburg, Idaho said this isn’t the first time he’s tried to find General Conference tickets by holding his fingers in the air outside of the Conference Center.

“It doesn’t look promising today being a man,” said Egbert.

Egbert said he is trying to get a ticket for his daughter because she is graduating high school this year and he wanted her to be able attend General Conference to mark it as a special occasion.

“When I was bishop I would usually try to give the tickets to someone who needed to be here,” Egbert said.

Egbert said he doesn’t usually try to get tickets from his Stake Presidency in Rexburg because there might be people who have more need to come to General Conference than him.