The Never Trump movement and other conservatives moved to force a recall vote on the floor of the Republican National Convention but were ignored by the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus.

According to live coverage by CNN, they were “trying to force this open discussion and amendment process on the floor to change the rules and make it so a conservative candidate can more easily get elected in 2020.”

In order for the movement to work, petitioners were required to provide a minimum of seven states to pledge a majority of their delegates to the cause, according to a report by CNN.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah was one of the main leaders of the movement. When the vote came, the aye’s yelled, the no’s screamed, and the chair simply stated, “The ayes have it.”

“This is happening as we speak at it is relatively unprecedented,” according to CNN. “This is as much about the here and the now, 2016, as the next time around.”

After the vote, Senator John Barasso addressed the delegates asking, “Who’s proud to be an American?”

The movement did not have a sufficient number of states to reach the required seven.

According to a source with CNN on the floor of the convention, the movement once had nine states pledged to the cause. When three withdrew, they were left with six states affiliated with the recall.

“The reason that three of them withdrew, if that is in fact what happened, is because for the past couple of hours there has been a mad scramble on the floor here by Republican National Committee forces who did not want this to happen and by Trump forces to try to get people who had put in their signatures to take them back,” according to the report by CNN.

That change was not easily won, according to CNN.

“It has actually almost been physical arm twisting that we have seen in this scramble,” according to CNN.

Barasso continued to address the delegates amid the confusion.

“We believe in the Constitution as our founding document and our enduring covenant,” Barasso said. “We believe in our constitutional system. We believe that people are the ultimate resource and we believe that the American government.”

Colorado delegates walked out after the failed effort of the revote.

Joel Crank, a delegate from Colorado, weighed in on the events. He said he was not surprised by the developments.

“Well quite frankly, it was exactly what I thought would happen,” Crank said. “I think this has been a long time coming.”

“I think that the Never Trump campaign assumed that they had much more power and influence than they did,” Crank said. “Ultimately, it was defeated and now, the vote goes to the American people.”

Crank is convinced that delegates must stand by the vote of the people.

“You know, I’m extremely disappointed in the delegates of Colorado if they walked out,” Crank said. “I think we need to be here and we need to vote like we told our supporters we would.”

He expects that not all of the Colorado delegates who left will return when the meeting continues.

“Unfortunately, I expect there to be less Colorado delegates,” Crank said. “I expect some of them to be throwing a fit and will leave, but I do think that the floor will be one of supporting Donald Trump.”

The Chair called for the for the floor to be closed until 7 p.m.