SALT LAKE CITY– Naomi Duenas got to do what many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will never get to do.

Duenas, a convert of eight days, had the opportunity to attend a live session of General Conference.

Duenas was baptized on Sept. 26 and attended the Sunday morning session of General Conference with the missionaries serving in her YSA ward.

She said the gospel has brought peace, love, and happiness into her life.

She said she began learning about the gospel about two months ago.

“One day I just felt like I needed to go to the temple for answers,” Duenas said.

She said she did not necessarily know what answers she was looking for, but that she went to Temple Square and met a set of sister missionaries, to whom she gave her contact information. They contacted her the next day.

After being transferred through multiple sets of missionaries, she took lessons from the missionaries in her YSA ward for three weeks and then was baptized.

Duenas said that through reading the Book of Mormon and praying, she was able to know the truthfulness of the restored gospel.

Duenas said she was not very focused on God until these past two months, and though she is the only Church member in her family, they are supportive.

“Well, they’re both happy that now I believe in God because there was a time when I didn’t,” Duenas said.

She said she has found a lot of peace as she has learned about the gospel, and she enjoyed attending her first General Conference.