Zach Vrba and McKenzie Keller will forever remember the 185th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Between the Sunday morning and afternoon sessions, Zach Vrba proposed to McKenzie Keller at the reflection pool on Temple Square, and she said ‘Yes.’

“I’ve been planning it for a long time,” Zach Vrba said.

Julie Vrba, Zach Vrba’s mother, said her son has been planning this since he got home from his mission in February.

Zach Vrba said he began making payments on her ring six months ago and planned his proposal location about four months ago while McKenzie Keller was still on her mission.

McKenzie Keller got home from her mission in the Utica New York Mission on Oct. 1

Because McKenzie Keller was getting home from her mission around the time of general conference, Zach Vrba said he thought it would be a perfect time to propose.

He said he wanted to propose in front of the temple as a way to foreshadow their future temple marriage.

“I had it all planned out,” Zack Vrba said. “I choked, and the only thing I could get out was ‘We’ve been together for a long time, and it’s been the best years of my life, and I love you,’ and then I just reached in my pocket and got down. I just couldn’t say anymore.”


SARAH WILLIAMS | Scroll Photography

McKenzie Keller said she had no idea it was coming but that their families knew.

Hannah Keller, one of McKenzie Keller’s sisters, said it was hard to keep the proposal a secret from McKenzie.

Julie Vrba said that her son went to lunch with McKenzie’s dad, Kevin Keller, while McKenzie was still on her mission and asked for his permission to marry her.

“I think she found the right guy,” Kevin Keller said.

The couple is from Meridian, Idaho, and met when they were about 15 at a stake dance.

Zach Vrba said they have been dating for almost six years now.

McKenzie Keller said the couple plans to get married in the Boise Idaho Temple.