Moving colors, bouncing crowds and smiling students. This is how the crowd was enjoying the DJ Productions, White Out Party in the Hart last Saturday, June 11.

“As I prepare for the DJ Productions dance, I like to look at what the event is going to be and the theme of the dance just to make sure that the music goes well with the mood and the venue,” said Nathan Pedersen, a DJ for BYU-Idaho Social Activities and a sophomore studying biology.

Pedersen said he plans the music for each dance, and for this dance, most of the music will be upbeat.

“We prepare 30 minutes before by preparing a playlist and ask the people running the dance what’s the feel or the mood they are going for so we make sure the music and the mood match,” said Jenna Bell, a DJ for BYU-Idaho Social Activities and a sophomore studying communication.

Bell said she has been a DJ since the beginning of the semester.

“We have to feel the crowd and try to please everyone in the audience with the music,” Bell said.

Bell said the DJs practice at the weekly dances on campus.

“I like going to dances because I like to dance and see the different types of dances and styles others will perform,” said Donovan Durfee, a freshman majoring in theater studies.

Durfee said he really enjoyed the last dance, the DJ Productions Glomoji dance, because there were a lot more people. He said when there are more people; it is more fun to dance.

“My favorite thing about dances is when the DJ puts on a slow song,” said Brandon Morris, a junior studying plant and wildlife ecology. “I like slow dancing because it gives me the opportunity to meet and talk to new girls.”

Morris said the DJ Productions Glomoji Dance had better music with better transitions from one song to the next.

“I had a fun time at the dance with my date,” said Foster Tracey, a sophomore studying business management. “Dances are what you make it; you can either choose to have fun or choose to have a bad time.”

Tracey said he really enjoyed the music at the DJ Productions White Out Dance.

“The lighting and the venue is cool, but it needs more black lights to be a white out party,” said Anna Norgrant, a senior studying plant and wildlife ecology.

Social Activities invites students to gather, develop socially, discover their capacity for success and obtain a lasting desire to help others recognize their own potential.