BYU-Idaho holds many fitness classes free for students here on campus. One of those classes is cycling: a circular cardio workout designed to get the blood pumping. The class is led by an instructor who gets tired just like anybody else; but her will to help the students get the most out of the workout supersedes any desire to quit, thus motivating the students to push harder and longer.

“Sometimes it gets really tiring. Sometimes I’m just like, ‘Uh, I just don’t want to do this anymore.’ But I keep going because of my class. And also I build up – like I’ve trained for half marathons, so I’m pretty fit, I would say – I guess. I don’t want to boast. I can last becauseI’ve prepared myself for it,” said McKenzie Edstrom, a senior studying exercise physiology.

But this class is not only intended for those who are in shape. It is designed to help one get in shape while also having a good time. I mean, picture gliding down a hill on a crisp spring morning and then climbing up a large hill to feel the accomplishment of reaching the summit. That is the feeling these students get in this class.

“You know, I feel like cycling is one of the greatest ways that we can work out. It definitely is a great cardio and that anyone who is looking for a good workout needs to be here. And I think that every student is young enough that they need to be getting physically fit. So come here to the cycling class because it’s the best,” said Lance Plumb, a freshman studying biology.

After the workout, the students rest and stretch out their muscles to prevent soreness the next day. This helps the body recover quicker and prepare for another workout a day or two after, whether it is cycling, running or swimming.