Vicki Baum, an Austrian author, said, “There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.”

Many BYU-I students practice this shortcut to happiness each week off and on campus in Rexburg.

Social dance classes are offered on campus to help students learn various dances such as the waltz, swing and country.
Along with those classes, there are dance workshops held each week on campus. Each week there are multiple dances on campus that each focus on a specific type of dance, whether it be country, swing, ballroom or latin dancing, which features salsa, meringue and mamba.

Dancing can offer benefits to those who participate.

“It’s something you can show other people. Once you’ve picked one dance, it’s so much easier to pick another dance as well,” said Shawni Wilcock, a senior studying dance.

Besides dancing on campus at BYU-I, there are opportunities available in the community.

Some local businesses occasionally host dancing parties in Rexburg.

Some students off campus host their own dance parties, although that may bring some challenges.

“I think having dance parties could potentially bring on some issues including inappropriate music and dancing, disrting the peace of others, and a greater liability for the apartments for any inappropriate activities that may occur,” said Ashleigh Tataipu, a manager at Brighton Apartments in Rexburg.

Emily and Willis Barton, both juniors at BYU-I, own a personal training studio in town called Propulsion Fitness. Emily is majoring in university studies while Bill is studying exercise physiology.

They both love dancing, especially since that’s how they originally met. The Bartons host free dance workshops at their studio every third Saturday of the month.