People all over Rexburg decided to come check out the party, about 500 hundred through out the night.The party was put together by Tie’d Up. A student ran company all about ties.

“So we went over some ideas, we looked around the internet just try to find viable things to do, sale or make, and we finally settled on ties. It’s something we are passionate about, that we love. We found good spliers and it was something we knew we could do very well at. We wanted to target kind of the Rexburg market. A lot of the students don’t have a lot of money. We like ties, especially returned missionaries . People like to look good but on a budget, so all our ties are 10 dollars. We try to set them where we could afford them.” said Brain Lee Bougerie Owner/President of

If you wanted to hangout with your friends and take fun pictures with them, or dance it in a dark room with loud music… or just simply relax on one of the many massage tables available then this was the party you unfortunately missed.

Hitting the dance floor at the Healing and Tranquility spa in Rexburg this is Barry Ricks Scroll Digital