BYU-Idaho students who were married and single flocked into the John W. Hart gym with their dates right beside them.

This is the third date night the Gilberts have held, and they even told the crowd that two students were now engaged after having their first date at a previous date night.

President and Sister Gilbert gave the students advice on things such as: looking for a spouse, having children and continuing tp date after marriage.

By showing slide shows of their own lives and giving real experiences, they were able to connect with the audience they were talking to.

As well as advice, the couple encouraged crowd and date interaction with games. In the first game, couples held hands and tried to get a hula hoop to the other end of the line. The second game was rock-paper-scissors with other couples until a winner was named. The third game was a coin flip. If the coin landed on heads, then then the couple wrote something they had in common; if the coin landed on tails, they wrote something that was different about themselves. The winning couples recieved date gift baskets.

After the even was over, dessert that the couples had texted to reserve was served in the overflow.

There is likely to be a date night next semster that students can attend as well.