In a devotional address on Oct. 4, President Clark G. Gilbert announced the fourth Date Night with the Gilberts on Oct. 19, this time, focused around service.

Brett Sampson, director of University Public Affairs, said Date Night started with an idea from President Gilbert.

He said he wants to give students an opportunity to get out and do some good and move away from just hanging out.

Bailey Winter, a sophomore studying advanced vehicle systems, said they want students to get out and avoid just hanging out.

“They want to get us out of the habit of just hanging out, and get us away from the ‘Netflix and chill,’” Winter said.

Sampson said because of the feedback they have received and the benefit of it, it has become a recurring thing.

“They saw it was fun and a good thing,” Sampson said. “So they have decided to do it each semester. Each semester we get together with the Gilberts and ask what they want to focus on with the date night.”

Sampson said the theme this year is service, and that President Gilbert wants the students to give back and do some good.

“This date night is about service,” Sampson said. “We are having a service fair. There will be about 40 booths with different kinds of service that can be done in the community, and then there are four or five actual service activities that can be done with your date.”

Sampson said regardless of being single or married, all are encouraged to bring a date and come out and have a good time serving with the Gilberts.

“The Gilberts are just awesome,” Sampson said. “They are fun to be with, it’s a fun evening so it will be a good time. It’s a good date, and it’s already planned. You don’t have to do much planning, just find somebody, ask them and bring them to the date.”

Winter said he is glad it’s free and that it gives him something to do during this cold season in Rexburg.

“You come and do some stuff together, you get a brownie, and get to do some service and do some good together,” Sampson said.

Date night is Oct. 19 at 8 p.m. in the John W. Hart Auditorium.