President and Sister Gilbert held their third date night at BYU-Idaho on Wednesday night.

President Gilbert invited the entire student body to a school-wide group date where both President and Sister Gilbert shared dating advice.

“I have never been to a date night, and honestly, I am expecting date night to be a little corny,” said Jeremy Garner, a junior studying computer information technology.

Garner took his girlfriend, Brooklynn Goodrich, a senior studying art, to the event.

“I am expecting some real good dating advice from President Gilbert and his wife as I can tell that they have a successful marriage,” Goodrich said.

The event was filled with many games, including hula-hoop, get to know you games and rock-paper-scissors games. Each ended with one lucky couple receiving a prize.

Date night with the Gilberts (Shayla Davis, Scroll Photography)

SHAYLA DAVIS | Scroll Photography

President Gilbert met Sister Gilbert at school while she was his sister’s roommate. They began as friends and went on many dates. They talked about emphasizing service oriented dates, temple dates, outdoors dates and simple dates.

“I liked how President Gilbert stressed the importance of having simple and cheap dates,” Garner said. “He also mentioned how dating doesn’t end after your marriage and that you have to work for it.”

One of the dating tips they talked about was spending quality time together.

President Gilbert said it was important to spend one-on-one time together even if they had been together the whole day.

“One night Sister Gilbert looked at me and said, ‘When are we going to have one-on-one time?’ Well, we just spent two hours together,” President Gilbert said. “I learned that we needed quality time together to hear about each other’s day and to become closer.”

The date night brought together different types of couples whether it was their first date or they were married.

“At the end of the night, we learned more about each other,” Garner said.

After President and Sister Gilbert made their addresses, they had many different activities. The activities included bowling, movies in the MC, dancing and a comedy night.

“I loved the setting as it was calm and not crazy,” Goodrich said. “We are all doing something together as members in the Church. It was a wholesome environment, so it was a great date night.”

Goodrich and Garner each said they enjoyed the night, and they came closer together and learned more about President and Sister Gilbert.

“The highlight of date night was being together,” President Gilbert said. “We haven’t been together all day, and so this was our date night as well.”