You don’t have a car, but still want to get a date. Here are four ideas for dates that don’t require a car.

1. Cook a new dish.

Go to Pinterest, the Pioneer woman’s cooking Web page, or pull out the recipe book you got for your high school graduation and find a recipe. You can get the ingredients before the date, or you can make getting the ingredients part of the date. There are some things to keep in mind on a cooking date. “Don’t be overly ambitious, avoid starting hungry, delegate, slow down, clean as you go and just have fun,” according to

2. Build a snowman.

Head over to Porter Park or anywhere with room to work and build a snowman. Bring hot chocolate in a thermos to keep you and your date warm. You can also watch a movie to help you thaw out after playing in the snow.

3. Go star gazing.

Gaze into each other’s eyes. Just kidding, gaze into the universe. The BYU-Idaho Observatory located in the George S. Romney Building is free, according to BYU-I’s observatory Web page.

“It was actually really cool because I’d never been to one,” said Elissia Ahern, a junior studying communication, about star gazing. “He asked me, ‘Have you ever been star gazing in an amphitheater?’ And I said, ‘No,’ and he said, ‘Well, let’s go this weekend.”

Star gazing can be a great date, just make sure the skies are clear before you walk to the Romney.

4. See a show on campus.

There are a lot of things to see at BYU-I, so take advantage of what the school has to offer. The New Shanghai Circus is showing this Saturday, Jan. 30, according to Center Stage’s Web page. If that’s not your thing, look at the school’s calendar, and maybe try going to Comic Frenzy, a concert or a play. 

There are plenty of dates to go on that don’t require a car, and BYU-I makes it easy for pedestrians to date.