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The snow is gone, the leaves are budding on the trees and love is in the air.

This warm weather means coming up with seasonal date ideas.

Now that it is no longer freezing outside, there are some great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

I find dates this time of the year to be some of the most fun. Being able to take advantage of the sunshine is a plus.

One of my favorite dates was a picnic last summer when the BYU-Idaho Theatre Department produced an outdoor play called The Shoemaker’s Holiday. My husband and I packed a basket and made it special.

“We were not cheap with the food,” said Israel Baker, a former BYU-I student and my husband. “Instead of getting fast food, we made the extra effort to make it special. It really added to the atmosphere.”

Picnics can be fun, especially when you put in the extra time and effort to make it romantic. Pick out some fresh fruits, make sandwiches and get some glass-bottled soda. Go old school and use a wicker basket.

“Making it to the play and having a blanket and the full setup made the regular picnic date one to remember,” Israel Baker said.

Enjoy the warm days.

There is going to be plenty of time to watch movies and cuddle inside during the cold winter months.

“Summertime in Idaho, you have to take advantage of the good weather,” said Thomas Wilson, a freshman studying computer engineering. “Go on a hike, a bike ride — do something outside.”

When I am having a hard time coming up with ideas, I like to go to Pinterest. There are so many ideas to be found.

One article I found was “25 Awesome Staycation Ideas” by Ruth Soukup. Some ideas presented are geocaching, paint ball, laser tag and virtual museum tours.

There are many museums throughout the world that offer virtual or online tours. You can visit some of the greatest sights in the world, according to Soukup.

Some museums with the virtual option are the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the Louvre and the Sistine Chapel, according to Soukup.

“Take the time and find out what is going on locally,” Wilson said. “Things are happening all the time.”

BYU-I offers so many activities, workshops, comedy shows and music nights. There is no way to be able to go to all of them. Check out for different date ideas.

One great date idea is to create a summer bucket list, according to The Dating Divas website. Together with a special someone, write down things you want to get done this semester. Look at the master calendar on the BYU-I website and plan ahead for some events.

“It keeps the romance when you plan dates out,” Israel Baker said. “Making the big gesture is great and good, but the little things matter, too.”