Approximately 2,500 people attended the David Archuleta performance in the John W. Hart Auditorium on June 19.

Fans and audience filled the hallway of the Hart Auditorium two hours before the show began. 

Neither distance nor age stopped some of the audience from seeing Archuleta perform. 

Many of the fans in attendance were not local. 

Fans came from far and wide, including  California, Utah and Hawaii. Their love for Archuleta is what brought them to Rexburg. 

One gro wore T-shirts with “David Archuleta” inscribed on them. They have followed Archuleta to most of his shows.

Virgil Anderson, an 86-year-old from Utah, included seeing the David Archuleta concert in his weekend plan in Rexburg. 

Fourth grade student Rebeka Kezele from Sawtooth Elementary School in Twin Falls was there with her family. 

“I love David Archuleta; he is a good singer,” Kezele said. 

David Osmond opened the show. The audience could not hide their admiration for his song. 

They screamed and sang along. He sang some songs on his album — “Since the Day You Left,” “Your Lullaby” and “Live Like It’s the Last Day of Your Life.”

Osmond, who has multiple sclerosis, had an autograph signing after his show. The audience bought his souvenirs and took pictures with him as well.

He said being out of his wheelchair after three years and singing fills him with gratitude and appreciation.

This is Archuleta’s second performance at BYU-Idaho this academic year.  Archuleta’s last visit was during the semester of Fall 2009.

“Idaho has some of the best crowds — they have been really great — and I have just really enjoyed it. Some of myfavorite shows have been in Idaho because everyone in Idaho has been really sportive, so I really appreciate it,” Archuleta said.

Archuleta’s appearance on the stage was welcomed with loud whistling and catcalls. His first song was “Touch My Hand.” The audience stood. While some screamed, “Marry me, David,” others screamed, “I love you.” Some had glow lights and banners with inscriptions. One of them said “David, you rock.”

Archuleta, who had not performed in six months, sang seventeen songs. He has been working on his new album. He sang two songs on his new album. The 15 other songs were from his other albums, including “A Little Too Not Over You,” “Your Eyes Don’t Lie,” “To Be With You,” “Zero Gravity” and “Crush.”

When Archuleta sang his thirteenth song, “To Be With You,” the noise toned down. But the audience was still as he sang, “Be Still My Soul”. 

Archuleta said he wouldn’t normally perform hymns, but he felt it would be appropriate to do at BYU-Idaho.

Archuleta sat down with Scroll for an interview. During the interview he explained certain misconceptions about questions people have asked about serving a full-time mission. 

He said he is currently unable to serve a mission due to “American Idol” contracts he entered into, which will not allow him to leave for a mission. Archuleta said he hopes to serve a mission after his contract expires. 

“The Lord knows my intentions and there is a reason behind everything,” Archuleta said.

David said he tries to touch people’s lives through his music and actions, just like a missionary would do.

Although people watch “American Idol” because they want to see talents evolve, Archuleta thinks that Simon Cowell’s absence as a judge of “American Idol” will have an effect on the show. 

“It will be interesting to see who replaces him,” Archuleta said.