David Archuleta to perform two concerts at BYU-I

Former American Idol participant David Archuleta will perform two concerts at BYU-Idaho on June 3 and 4.

“David Archuleta became a star when he was just 16,” according to the event’s Facebook page. “In 2008, more than 30 million television viewers fell in love with his angelic voice, and their 44 million votes made him runner-up in Season 7 of American Idol.”

In the week his first single, “Crush,” was released, it debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, according to the BYU-I Newsroom Web page.

Alexa Davis, a junior studying accounting, said she voted for Archuleta on American Idol.

“I never vote, but I voted for him,” Davis said.

She said she heard his music more while she was in high school.

“On my mission, I listened to his songs a few times, like the Church ones, but not so much now,” she said. “I think it’ll be fun. I’m excited.”

Archuleta served a full-time mission in Santiago, Chile, from 2012 to 2014, according to the BYU-I Newsroom Web page.

Heidi Petersen, a junior studying horticulture, said Archuleta has real vocal talent and is always positive and upbeat.

“I’m not a huge fan, but I think he’s great, and I jumped at the chance of seeing him live,” Petersen said. “He seems like a really genuine and kind person. I’m grateful he puts the Lord and this gospel first regardless of fame.”

Don Sparhawk, event organizer and coordinator of Center Stage, said his team assumed that one concert would sell out very quickly and that a lot of students would not be able to see Archuleta, and for that reason they booked two concerts from the beginning.

“This will be the first time since returning from his mission that he will have performed on campus,” Sparhawk said. “From what I have heard, we will see a slightly different performer than before his mission. I hear he’s matured and some of his music is a bit more spiritual in nature.”

Sparhawk said his team consistently get requests to have Archuleta perform at BYU-I.

“Besides being very popular, he also is a very good person,” Sparhawk said. “His music is uplifting and he exemplifies good values. He’s the perfect fit for our campus.”

Jessica Tolibas, a sophomore studying music education, said she has been Archuleta’s fan since American Idol.

“I remember voting for him on the phone for the show, which would air every Tuesday, when I was in elementary and middle school,” Tolibas said. “When he came off of his mission and sang ‘Glorious,’ I’m pretty sure I was one of the first to share his song online.”

Tolibas said she expects the concert to be amazing.

“I just like that he was able to follow and reach his dreams along with serving a mission and having big callings in the Church,” she said. “He’s had an amazing life and is an amazing person.”

Determination to overcome obstacles is clear in the message of some of the songs he wrote for his second album, The Other Side of Down, according to the BYU-I Newsroom Web page.

“Instead of acting like everything in life is so hard and confusing, look at it this way: The only way you can go from here is up,” Archuleta said, according to the BYU-I Newsroom Web page. “It’s our decisions and how we handle things that matter, even when they get rough.”

The concerts will go from 7:30-9 p.m. in the John W. Hart Building Auditorium.

Sparhawk said the concerts are not sold out yet. He said there are bleacher seats left for both shows.

“If we keep holding on, looking at things positively and working hard, we can improve our lives, help ourselves, and even help the greater good,” Archuleta said, according to BYU-I Newsroom Web page.

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  1. June 2, 2016 @ 10:31 am Rose

    How I wish I could be there for these concerts. Unfortunately, being from Iowa, its not going to happen. But even so, I’ve seen him in concert 3 times…..many years ago in Reno, NV, Moline, Ill, and recently in Richfield, UT. The Reno and Richfield concerts were ESPECIALLY GOOD (had terrible seats in Ill). Plus, I buy at least 3 of every album of he has out……one for the car, one for the house, and one for good measure. I can’t wait for his next album and getting to hear the new music he’s working on. I’m hoping David’s Christmas show w/Nathan Pacheco will come to Iowa. Possibilities might be (lst choice) the Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids, IA, or the Civic Center in Des Moines.


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