On Friday, June 3, David Archuleta performed the first of two concerts in the John W. Hart Auditorium.

Karmyn Jardine, a sophomore studying elementary education, said the last time she watched a full season of American Idol was when David Archuleta was a contestant.

“I have been a fan ever since,” Jardine said.

Katelyn Gassaway, a sophomore studying accounting, said she remembers her first time seeing David Archuleta was on an episode of iCarly.

“I didn’t know he was a member, because I wasn’t a member then, but after I got baptized I found out he was a member of the church, and I thought that was so cool,” Gassaway said.

Katie Rodgers, a junior studying special education, said before the concert she hoped he’d sing some of his older songs.

“I would love for him to go old school with a little ‘Crush’ and I would love to hear ‘Glorious’,” Rogers said.


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Archuleta not only brought energy to the concert through his original songs and covers, but also brought a new insight to his music by giving background to why he writes and sings the songs that he does.

Archuleta said it was hard for those in the entertainment industry to understand why he was going on a mission and putting off two years of his life.

“I could try my best to explain to people why I was serving, and I did, but I felt that one of the best ways to explain to people is through music,” Archuleta said.

Archuleta said that music is one of the best ways to communicate and to express one’s self. Music helps people to understand things that they may be feeling inside and can connect with what others are feeling in their heart.

“I have gained a greater appreciation for his songs, ” Jardine said. “I have listened to most of his songs before and when he explained the songs, they instantly became more meaningful.”

Gassaway said that after Archuleta’s concert she felt that she was able to connect and relate with him.

“Whenever he was talking about how hard it was coming back from his mission, I could relate,” Gassaway said.

Rogers said she could tell that Archuleta does what he loves.

“His performance was incredible and he sang all my favorite songs,” Rogers said. “Just in this performance you were able to tell that he is very genuine and humble.”

Alanis Arirama, a freshman majoring in international studies, said she wishes she was going to be on campus in December to see Archuleta perform again.

Arirama said that she enjoyed how Archuleta made the concert feel more personable.

“He was able to connect with us individually, even if were in a sea of people, and that made the concert a beautiful experience,” Arirama said.