Can devotional dates be distracting, or can they help one another grow spiritually?

“Consider how often we hear exactly the same words in the ordinance of baptism, … in conferring the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirming a new member of the Church, in the sacramental prayers and in temple ordinances,” Elder David A. Bednar, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said at a BYU-Idaho devotional in October 2006.

As students of BYU-I should the only focus be on Devotional? Or should a Devotional date help with a connection to the Lord and your date? How will this devotional have an impact on those who are on their date?

“I don’t think devo dates are a bad idea, but I don’t think I would be especially flattered because they are already planned and it’s a common occurrence,” said Darby Connors, a freshman studying elementary education. “I think I would enjoy a different date more since you can’t talk during devo, and another date would allow you to get to know each other better.”

Devotional dates can either make it or break it. Both can get a spiritual message and enjoy the talk or both can leave very unsatisfied, not so pleased with getting to know one another and not being able to focus on the important spiritual message.

Kenzie Meyers, a sophomore majoring in Psychology, goes on a date with David Glover, a sophomore majoring in Accounting, to the devotional.

“I don’t think devo dates are good for a first date because you don’t really talk or get to know the person,” Samantha Dunford, a freshman majoring in social studies, said. “If you are already dating, then maybe it would be a good idea.”

Devotionals here at BYU-I offer an opportunity to all those who attend at this school, to forget their everyday life cares and focus on the lord.

“The importance of devotionals is to offer to the entire BYU-I community an opportunity to rest from the cares of their everyday life,” Elder Bednar explained in a 2006 BYU-I devotional.

How does Devotional offer a huge rest from the everyday cares? How does this help to get to know one another?

“I think that a devo date is a wonderful way to test the waters with someone; I find it both flattering and exciting,” said Hannah Emfield, a freshman studying English education. “Devo is an uplifting environment and a great way to get to know an individual.”

Devotional dates can be interpreted as a way of testing the waters with someone, but should devotional dates not be a thing? What should the main focus of devotional be?

“The gathering of the Lord’s people brings blessings of improvement, preservation and strength,” Elder Bednar said while visiting campus in October 2006. “…You are richly blessed to be students gathered together on the campus of BYU-Idaho.”

BYU-I allows everyone to be gathered for strength and conservation of the Lord’s blessings, all of these things are to be brought in for improvement.

“We invite all to participate in devotional each week,” according to the BYU-I website. Your life and your BYU-Idaho experienced will be greatly enriched.”