Curtis Castillow, a religion professor at BYU-Idaho, spoke in devotional on Oct. 4 about having faith in God’s plan.

Castillow said even when things are asked for in prayer, it does not mean that they will be granted, but it does guarantee that every worthy person gets what they need.

Castillow said having faith in God’s macro plan of salvation includes making allowances for His micro plan as well.

“God does nothing by chance, but always by design,” said Castillow, quoting President Spencer W. Kimball.

Castillow, referencing the story of Joseph of Egypt, said God’s seeming silence is neither evidence of his absence nor of uncaring.

“Even during the crucible of our lives we can trust that God is aware of us, he’s with us, and he will bless us,” Castillow said.

Castillow said the Lord does not give people things that will hurt them; He gives what will help.