Darryl Foutz, chair of the accounting department, addressed students on recognizing trials as a part of their mortal existence in his June 21 devotional speech.

Foutz compared mortality to the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

“Just as Willie Wonka wanted to bestow his chocolate kingdom onto those who passed the test, our loving Heavenly Father has promised ‘everything the Father has’ could be ours, if we are valiant in our test in mortality,” Foutz said.

He said Heavenly Father cares about how we choose to react to these trials, and he wants us to succeed. Foutz then shared the stories of two people who have had to endure trials.

He talked about Joseph of Egypt and how his brothers sold him into slavery. He also shared a story about a young man named Ammon who dislocated his neck while wrestling causing his body irreparable damage.

Despite his difficulties, Ammon graduated from BYU-Idaho and went on to receive his master’s from Ohio State University.

“I’m a different person because of Ammon,” Foutz said.