Gwenaelle Couliard of the BYU-Idaho Counseling Center spoke to students about overcoming the natural man on June 8.

Couliard said sometimes people let their animal nature take over to satisfy current wants and needs, forgetting about their divine nature.

“Not unlike an untrained puppy that runs through the house chewing on everything that looks like a bone or not if left untamed our hedonistic earthly nature can lead us to misuse our God-given body by surrendering it to the whims of the flesh,” Couliard said.

She said that our divine nature comes from God and that we truly do have divinity within us because we are his literal spirit children.

“I believe our greatest challenge in this life is to protect our bodies and minds from submitting to the earthly in us, thus becoming what the scriptures call the natural man,” Couliard said. “Note the challenge is not to eliminate our earthly nature, which is here to stay, but to school and bridle it while developing our divine nature.”

She ended her remarks by reminding students that they have help while attempting to overcome the natural man.

“You and Christ are made to be a team,” Couliard said. “With him, we are strong.”