Sheri Dew, CEO of Deseret Book, addressed students about the necessity of meaningful questions during devotional on May 17.

“Questions are good if they are … asked in faith, and asked of credible sources where the Spirit will direct and confirm the answer,” Dew said. “If we want to grow spiritually, the Lord expects us to ask questions and seek answers.”

She said a good question to ask is how the Lord feels about you.

She said that having questions does not mean that someone does not have a testimony of the gospel.

She said that in order to receive true revelation, seekers need to be willing to spiritually wrestle for the answers they receive.

“None of us are entitled to revelation without effort on our part,” she said. “Answers from God don’t just magically appear.”

She said receiving answers to questions requires the seeker to develop the ability to listen to the Spirit.

“The scriptures are the textbook for the Lord’s language,” Dew said.

She said that the Lord will teach each person as they show the desire to communicate with him.

“We are here now because we’re supposed to be here now. And we each have a mission to fulfill,” she said. “The Savior is going to come again. May we stand for Him and with Him.”