KATY BURTON | Scroll Photography

KATY BURTON | Scroll Photography

Spring break is coming up, and some students will be able to return home and visit family for a week.

Some students, however, have other plans for the break.

Andre Badley, a freshman studying political science, moved around 11 times in a two-year period after being baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

His family did not support his decision, but he knew he was doing the right thing.

Since then, Badley has served a full time mission and decided to attend BYU-Idaho.

Badley served in the Fresno California mission. His service ended just before the start of this semester, so he came straight to Rexburg after his mission.

“I love going to school here,” Badley said.

He will be driving to California over the break to visit his mission, specifically a family he worked with — the Cook family.

“They’re probably my favorite family,” Badley said.

While on his mission, Badley and his companion began working with the Cooks’ youngest son, Jayce.

Soon, Jayce was baptized. Jayce’s sister, Skyler, and Jayce’s father were baptized within the following two months. The entire family became active members of the Church.

Badley will also attend a wedding in Fresno for one of his companions.

Some students are considering other routes for the break.

Dirk Van Heerden, a freshman studying automotive technology was born in Zimbabwe, Africa.

He is most recently from Zambia and will stay in America for four and a half years while he attends school.

Van Heerden said he came to America due to increased opportunities accompanying an American degree.

He said he likes the interactions on campus.

“As you make more connections, you meet new people,” Van Heerden said. “You kind of learn the variety that’s in the world, and then you can decide for yourself what you want to do.”

He is considering a few different possibilities on how to spend his time during spring break.

“I like going to different places,” Van Heerden said.

Oregon, Utah and Wyoming are all possible getaways for the break, Van Heerden said. He has friends and opportunities to stay in each of those states.

Not every student is leaving Rexburg, however. Shannon Wolfe, a sophomore studying English, is planning on staying at school during the break.

Wolfe said she is from Washington, but does not have the money needed in order to go home. She will be staying in her apartment by herself; however, Wolfe said she does not mind.

“I just kind of like being alone,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe said she enjoys writing and editing. She has written several short stories and hopes to one day have some of her work published.

She is looking forward to the break due the extra time she will have to write and edit some of her personal work.

Tate Smith is a sophomore studying Interdisciplinary Studies and will be participating in a variety of activities over the break.

“I’m stoked to go to Escalante and do some canyoneering,” Smith said.

Escalante is located in Southern Utah. He will be going with his best friend and his family. The trip will include activities such as a twelve hour trek through Neon Canyon and two other five hour treks through Raven Canyon and Burrow Wash.

“It’s adventurous and exciting,” Smith said, “It’s like rock climbing and rapelling, but with a destination.”

Smith said the Friday before the Escalante excursion he will be attending a concert of “Bronze Radio Return” in Salt Lake City.

“They’re unique and upbeat,” Smith said.

Smith said the Friday after the Escalante trip he will be attending a wedding of one of his friends. His friend asked him to be the best man at the wedding, which will take place at the Newport Beach Temple in California.

“I’m excited for the break because it will bring new experiences and adventures that I will never forget,” Smith said. ​