The Student Activities tri-annual Etiquette Dinner will be held in the Manwaring Center Oct. 21 with guest speaker Janie Fisher, according to the Etiquette Dinner Web page.

BYU-Idaho catering service will be catering for this event that is designed to help students learn etiquette techniques that they may apply in their professional  career as well as at the dinner table.

“Etiquette Dinner gives people the opportunity to become better leaders and better people within the field that they want to pursue,” said Marilyn Johnson, a director in Social Activities and a junior studying English education. “So they just know how to present themselves in front of people and have people immediately catch their eye.”

Tee Contravo, a senior studying social work, said that she feels like she knows how to handle herself in professional situations now.

“In the past we have brought in speakers, and they have taught about how your view and how you present yourself is very important to the business field and the careers you want to pursue,” Johnson said.

Contavo said the guest speaker gave applicable advice such as: how to position oneself so others know who your date is, how to hold ones food while standing, how to hold a coversation while eating, and what to do when dinner goes wrong.

“I loved how much I learned and how comfortable I was there,”Contravo said.

Contravo said the skills she has learned from Etiquette Dinner have benefited her during many situations such as her mission and in interviews.

Johnson Said, that she feels like the activities that are put on esspecially the Etiquette Dinner help fulfill a prophecy given to BYU-I students by at the time Elder Henry B. Eyring. Johnson said that Etiquette Dinner helps students become better leaders and Disciples of Christ.

“This is a prophecy that I am prepared to make and make solemnly – those graduates of BYU-Idaho will become legendary for their capacity to build the people around them and to add value wherever they serve,” said Elder Henry B. Eyring in his address “A Steady, Upward Course.”

Tickets are on sale at $11.50 with the BYU-Idaho Student ID card, and $13 for the community, according to the Etiquette Dinner Web page.