On Nov. 5, BYU-Idaho will host the Disciple Leadership Conference in the John Taylor Building from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., with the cost of tickets at $3 online and $5 at the door, with lunch included.

The conference is held every semester and all students are invited to attend.

“Students can expect a unique and spiritually uplifting conference that is specifically organized for those who attend BYU-I,” said Sabrina Beverly, a sophomore studying psychology. “Prayerful consideration is put into all aspects of the conference as to give attendants the optimal spiritual setting, in which revelation can be received.”

The keynote speaker is Elder Edwin A. Sexton from the Sixth Quorum of the Seventy. In addition to Elder Sexton, BYU-I faculty members Ross Baron, Robyn Bergstom, Dan Mahler, Ninette Galbraith and Timothy Rarick will be addressing students, according to BYU-I’s webpage on the conference.

“By making time to become better disciple leaders of Christ, one will be blessed spiritually and in all other aspects of one’s life,” Beverly said.

The two main slogans for the conference are “strengthen your leadership” and “deepen your discipleship,” according to the BYU-I Disciple Leadership Conference webpage.

“The Lord desires to teach you things you had never thought of before. The Lord Jesus Christ is an elevating God, and he will lift you,” said Robert Wahlquist, a teacher of religious education.

Disciple Leadership Conference (DLC)

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There will be three different workshops held throughout the morning as well as a peer-led session, according to the BYU-I’s webpage on the conference.

The Disciple Leadership Conference webpage has two talks linked to the page to read in preparation for the conference. The talks are “Follow Me” by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin from the April 2002 General Conference, and “Ponder the Path of thy Feet” by President Thomas S. Monson from the October 2014 General Conference.

“I have received immense spiritual growth and disciple development by being involved with this conference,” Beverly said. “And as I have chosen to take time out of my daily schedule for this conference, Heavenly Father has helped me with the other duties and responsibilities within my life.”

Brayden Evans, a junior studying business management and the director of the Disciple Leadership Conference, said he would not understand what disciple leadership was if he did not attend the conference. Evans said the conference fulfills the whole mission of BYU-I; to create disciple leaders.

Evans said the conference has the potential to significantly impact the students who attend.

“Students will have a better experience than they would have expected,” Evans said. “The only reason they wouldn’t have a life-changing experience is because they wouldn’t let it change them.”