DISSENSION: it’s not racial indifferences we need to embrace, it’s love

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Unfortunately, it’s hard to forgive when horrible events happen.

Here are three suggestions I would invite you to follow:

1. Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. By reading these documents, it’s clear that this nation was founded on love. Instead of being so quick to hashtag about racial injustices, remember what this nation was built on and what so many sacrificed to keep it free — love.

2. Make informed decisions.

Take the time to read the news. Even though not all of us are African-American, reading their side of the news will make us understand what they are going through. Reading from stances of police officers makes us empathetic toward them as they do their job. When we study the facts, we learn the truth, and when we understand the truth, we learn to love.

3. Become as a child. The Savior invited us to become like children for a reason. Recently, my niece started playing with an African-American boy at the park. Instead of seeing the color of his skin, she saw him as a friend who was kind enough to share his Hot Wheels and play tag.

Becoming as a child is the essence of love. My niece didn’t care about the color of his skin. What she did care about was being a friend and seeing beyond the labels.

In the end, love will be the only thing that will heal the victims’ families.

Love will be the only thing that heals this nation; hashtags and embracing the racial indifference won’t work.

Let’s do our part to make this nation a more loving place.

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