Gage Skidmore | Flickr Creative Commons

Gage Skidmore | Flickr Creative Commons

On April 19th, Trump won the New York State Republican Nomination.

And to be honest, I am not surprised.

The candidates that are available for me to choose from this year are extremely limited, and I feel like my back is up against the wall, so I am voting for Donald Trump.

First, there’s Hillary Clinton, who is too inconsistent, changing her opinion with the change in tides.

“As long as there is new or better information to consult — and when isn’t there? — none of Clinton’s positions can be considered fixed or even rooted,” according to Politco.

Then you have Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist.

With all the stigma around socialism, who am I supposed to believe?

My friends and family? What mainstream media says?

To be honest, the notion of free college sounds amazing. Sanders claims the money comes from the top 1 percent, but who’s to say how long that will last?

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour could do more harm than good to our economy.

“We conclude that the evidence still shows that minimum wages pose a tradeoff of higher wages for some against job losses for others, and that policymakers need to bear this tradeoff in mind when making decisions about increasing the minimum wage,” according to a study done by the National Bureu of Economic Research called “Revisiting the Minimum Wage-Employment Debate: Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater?”

It’s called minimum wage because it’s minimum work.

Trump knows what he is talking about and has a plan that would create jobs and help our economy.

“I have invested with Donald in a multitude of transactions over three decades and he has always exceeded my expectations,” said Thomas J. Barrack Jr., executive chairman of Colony Capital.

In an ideal world, I would vote for John Kasich. He’s likable, has great values, is well spoken. But, at the end of the day, Kasich showed up to the fight too little and too late. Trump has consistently been a strong voice in the political ring.

This leaves us with Trump or Ted Cruz.

It seems like Cruz is always too eager to put blame or hate on someone else, even when he isn’t innocent either.

For example, the Marco Rubio Bible scandal.

Ted Cruz’s communication director Rick Tyler was fired after he released a video on Twitter of Marco Rubio saying that the Bible didn’t have all the answers, but Rubio was, in fact, misquoted.

What concerns me is that after he said that, Rick Tyler, not Cruz himself, apologized for putting up the video. Then Cruz immediately tried to make himself the victim of Rubio’s constant criticism.

“None of you have heard me throw the kind of insults at Marco Rubio that he throws at me every single day,” Cruz said.

It’s true that he agrees with some of the policies that Trump has, but what Cruz lacks is the kind of transparency that Trump has in spades.

Trump is a true politician; his business and public relations tactics are something to be admired. He has dodged the traditional mudslinging that would normally end any celebrity’s career.

Contrary to popular belief, those who vote for Trump aren’t just uneducated, middle-class white males. He appeals to republican women and those with a college degree.

“In six of the statewide GOP exit polls so far, Trump was the most popular candidate among college-educated voters,” according to Politico. “In another six, he was their second-place choice. (Only in Oklahoma did Trump fall out of the top two among those with college degrees.)”

Our point is Trump doesn’t hold back or pull punches.

He says what he wants, when he wants and how he wants.

Meaning, what you see is what you get, unlike traditional politicians, which I like.

To be honest, I just don’t care about his public speaking skills.

What I really care about is having a strong leader, someone who promotes my values and cares about Americans. I want more jobs, not more handouts.

“We need to once again have a government that is of the people, for the people and by the people,” according to the Donald Trump Campaign website.

As a young adult my perspectives and ideas are formed and shaped by the establishment and groups I associate with.

The floods of information can become intertwined webs of turmoil and confusion.

And when considering who I want to be the president of the United States of America, it’s challenging to find my own voice.

That is why I do the research and hope that my educated guess is the right one.

Today, that educated guess is on Trump.