Dissenting Opinion : This is a time for School

Students of BYU-Idaho are temporary.

We won’t be here forever. We will probably only be here for a couple years and only in four-month increments. And, more than likely, we won’t call this home.

Therefore, yes: as students we should care what laws affect us, either directly or indirectly. But our main focus should be our education. That’s why we are here.

What are you, as a student, doing to get the most out of your education? What are you, as a student, doing to prepare to begin a career? What are you, as a student, doing to thrive?

There are people that the school has in place to speak for us in city matters. They are trained for that; they’ve been hired for a reason. Let them do their job.

We are students right now. But someday when we have more stable lives, aren’t moving back and forth every four months, and have time to dedicate to things besides school, then I would encourage you to get involved in local government. That’s what I will be doing. But this is a place for school.

This school is an amazing place.

The “(…) graduates of BYU-Idaho will become (…) legendary for their capacity to build the people around them and to add value wherever they serve,” President Henry B. Eyring said in a BYU-Idaho devotional address on September 18, 2001.

However, the students and scholars of this university won’t become legendary on accident. It takes studying. It takes work. It takes focus.

This school is a training ground for the rest of our lives. It prepares us to go into the field that we choose and thrive, not just survive.

At this point in our lives, we need to be focusing on our schooling. That’s what this stage of life is for.

“I submit that this campus, with its adjoining buildings, may literally offer a foretaste of heaven with the imparting of knowledge, both secular and spiritual, with the encouragement of unselfish service,” President Gordon B. Hinckley said.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I want to partake of the “foretaste of heaven” that we have the opportunity to. But that happens through the “imparting of knowledge.”


Why we’re here.

What will you spend your time doing?

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  1. April 6, 2017 @ 5:33 pm Christian

    This is… an extremely bad take. We live here. We are affected by the laws and policies of the city. We have every right to voice our concerns whenever bad laws are passed and forced on us. You can complete your degree and concern yourself with the laws that affect you here. There’s more than enough room for both.


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