An estimated 3,000 abortions are performed daily world wide and 38 million have been performed this year according to According to, 11 countries around the world have legalized gay marriage and parts of Mexico and the U.S. HUNTER PARAMORE | Scroll Illustration

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We are seeing something interesting happening in our society. If we can find enough people or the right people to condone what we know to be wrong, then we feel no moral obligation to hold that particular thing.

People want to do whatever they feel like, but they don’t want to take responsibly for doing it.

Over the last several years we have seen our society’s childish behaviors manifest themselves through the liberal laws we’ve passed.

People demand the right to do whatever they want. However it’s not enough to do what they want; They want justification.

For example the legalization of marijuana, abortion and gay marriage have all been viewed as morally wrong almost without exception.

Colorado and Washington recently just legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, and it’s likely more states will follow.

Plenty of people are already using the drug, but now they will have the approval of their state governments.

Now that it’s legal in those states, many people feel no moral obligation against using the drug. Previous to 1973, abortion was illegal in most of the 50 states, until the Sreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade legalized it nationwide.

In 1973, a little over 600,000 abortions were performed in the United States. Now, an estimated 1.3 million abortions performed each year and an estimated 52 million have been performed since 1973.

Gay marriage was illegal in all 50 states until 2005 when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize it. Currently it is legal in nine states, the District of Columbia and in two Native American tribes.

It would be better if our society would fight to do what is right with as much vigor as we fight to do what is wrong. Our society must put away childish things and become a society of adults by doing what we know is right.

DISSENTING OPINION: The dissenting editors explain their reasoning

When a child misbehaves, he or she is corrected by a parent or teacher. But what if the parents or teachers values are different from ours? Does that make them inherently bad?

Children are taught and conditioned from a very young age to know what is socially acceptable.

There is absolute truth, and decisions that individuals make can be intrinsically good or evil, but this does not mean the people who live in our society view their actions as being extreme. We cannot assume that every individual knows the moral value their opinions and beliefs.

Individuals are conditioned to understand the wrongness or rightness of their actions. Outside influences, such as families, tune the moral compasses of persons within our society.

Each family has different rules that teach a child right from wrong. Some households teach children that using coarse language is acceptable, while others teach their children to watch
their language.

From a certain perspective, it seems our society is now walking a path that is leading our country to a dark future. But because not all people have the same perspective and knowledge, we cannot judge others based on our own personal and religious beliefs.

Our society as a whole has become more liberal. Even though we might disagree with some of the changes in society, we cannot say that everyone who is doing things inconsistent with our beliefs is knowingly walking down the path of unrighteousness.