As spring semester comes to an end, teachers have been advised by the dean of the college to remind students about the honor code standards, specifically in the dress and appearance area.

Brother Robert Wahlquist, from the religion department, forwarded the email that had been sent to him from the dean, to his students.

“We got an email from the Dean of the college, just reminding us that as spring approaches that we as faculty be aware of the honor code and gently and kindly remind our students,” Wahlquist said.

Telling students that they are not abiding by the honor code can be hard for the teachers around campus, and their technique is always to be loving and kind when they address the problem.

“It’s actually really tough as a teacher, especially if it is a female student, it’s just tough,” Wahlquist said. “It would be great if other females would see female students and put their arm around them, because we can’t put our arm around them, and things don’t come across really well when you make a public execution of somebody for not honoring the honor code. So it needs to best be done in private, but as teachers I think the best thing we can do is occasionally say, remember the honor code.”

Here at BYU-Idaho, the standards are set high because the faculty wants their students to leave as disciples of Jesus Christ.

“I think the students here are amazing,” Wahlquist said. “And I think all, in my opinion, almost all honor code violations are out of ignorance; not out of rebellion. I don’t think that the good kids who come here are saying ‘Neneer neneer, I’m going to wear my hat from the foyer to Brother Wahlquist’s classroom just to spite him.’ I think most of them didn’t know they were supposed to take it off in the foyer.”

“On this campus, we want it to feel formal; we want to feel different,” Wahlquist said. “And if we start taking steps to ignore, or to wink at, or allow honor code violations, then I think we are becoming something that we are not intended to be. This is a Disciple Peparation Center, and honoring the honor code should be a privilege; because of the Spirit that we feel while we are on this campus.”

This is Corinne Starkey reporting for Scroll TV News in Rexburg, Idaho.