Due West |Courtesy Photo

Due West | Courtesy Photo

Due West, a country music band, will perform Friday, June 5, at 7:30 p.m. in the John W. Hart Auditorium.

“I love singing,” said Tim Gates, lead singer of Due West. “That’s what I was born to do. There’s nothing like getting on that stage and singing to the audience, especially audiences that love country music. And they give back.”

Matt Lopez, a Wyoming native, and Brad Hull, an Arizona native, joined Gates as part of the band according to duewest.com.

“When I start singing and those two start harmonizing, there’s nothing like it,” Gates said. “All three of us bring something great to the table.”

In addition to creating their own country music albums, Due West has been part of the Nashville Tribute Band project since 2005 and recently went on tour promoting Nashville Tribute Band’s most recent album, “Redeemer: A Nashville Tribute to Jesus Christ,” Gates said.

“I have to always thank Heavenly Father for giving me the blessing to be able to do this full time,” Gates said. “Especially to be able to travel with Nashville Tribute Band and preach the gospel with music.”

Ben and Chad Truman will be joining Due West on stage as the opening act of the concert, Gates said.

The Truman brothers formed the group TRUMAN in 2005 in Provo, Utah, and like Due West, are part of Nashville Tribute Band, according to Nashville Tribute Band’s website.

For the concert, Due West will be performing “I Get That All the Time,” which was part of Great American Country’s top 20, and others, including, “Things You Can’t Do in a Car,” and “Bible & the Belt,” Gates said.

Due West tries to produce songs that pertain to real life, Gates said.

“Country music, to me, has always been about real people singing about real-people things,” Gates said.

BYU-Idaho students should attend the Due West concert whether they like country music or not, Gates said.

“If they don’t want to attend because they don’t like country music, it’s not a good reason,” Gates said. “Because if they come and listen to these songs and join in with us, they’ll leave there liking the music that we play, and they’ll have a good time.”

Due West has been together since 2004 when Gates, Lopez and Hull met at a songwriting party in Nashville and immediately clicked, according to Deseret News.

“It’s the three of us together that makes the magic,” Lopez said, according to Black River Entertainment. “I’ve harmonized with people a lot my whole life, but there was something that happened when our three voices came together. Siblings often have that thing that makes that blend happen, and with us, it was just kind of undeniable. We thought, ‘Well, we have to do this.’”

Members of Due West will stay after the concert to shake hands and get to know people, Gates said.

Tickets cost $6 for BYU-I students and $12 for the general public.