Jennifer Bohn | Courtesy Photo

Three weeks ago, Jennifer Bohn was on vacation in Paris, France, with her husband. While exploring the Eiffel Tower, she caught a glimpse of a young man taking a knee towards his girlfriend.  Whipping out her smartphone, Bohn snapped a few pictures of the couple’s happy moment.

Before Bohn could deliver the engagement pictures to the couple, her husband called for her so she wouldn’t miss the last elevator to the top of the tower to view the sunset.  She ran back to her husband but was determined to deliver the pictures on her way back down.

Unfortunately, the couple had already left by that time.

Remaining positive about delivering the photos, Bohn posted them on Facebook and asked friends to share them with the world to help make contact with the newly engaged couple.

Since that post, over 200,000 Facebook users have shared the images, including actress Candace Cameron-Bure, who played D.J. Tanner on “Full House.”

Because of Cameron’s post, Bohn believes she may have found the man in the picture and is currently waiting for confirmation.

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