General Conference is a biannual event for the Latter-day Saint community.

During this event, leaders of the Church address the congregation from the LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, and their talks are broadcast throughout the world.

Here are eight ways to keep yourself focused and conscious during General Conference:

1. Play conference bingo.

This method is not just for kids; there are different bingo sheets for General Conference on several websites, including Play using M&M’s or jelly beans in order to make the game a little more enticing, according to

2. Sit on a hard seat.

Just because you’re attending a church meeting in your living room doesn’t mean you’re required to lie on the comfiest couch in the house. If your goal is to keep yourself alert, this is one way to do it, according to

3. Watch with friends.

Make a prearranged agreement with a few of your friends to keep each other awake. If you catch a friend falling asleep, give them a quick pinch or a shove and let them do the same to you.

To make it a little more exciting, use squirt bottles or water guns to spray the person awake, according to

4. Get plenty of sleep the night before.

Although this may seem obvious, getting a healthy amount of sleep before conference will help your mind stay alert and ready to learn.

The adult body requires about seven to nine hours of sleep each night, according to

5. Prepare food.

Get your mouth busy snacking on your favorite food while you listen to conference. Preferably one you can consistently snack on for a couple of hours.

Prepare the food before conference so it doesn’t distract from the Spirit.

6. Ask questions.

The words of the prophets and apostles are likened to the scriptures. Before conference, come up with questions or a situation you need help with, according to

Think of something in each talk that could pertain to you and write it down.

7. Phone a friend.

Think of a person who could use the message in every talk. Write down their name next to your notes about the talk, and send a link to the talk to that person after the session is over.

8. Drinking game.

Think of three different gospel associated terms and take a drink of water, milk, juice or other drink every time they mention that word. The same idea could be used every time an authority references a scripture.

Although it is difficult to stay awake during General Conference, it is not impossible. One of these methods is sure to keep you alert.