Elder Randall K. Bennett, a General Authority Seventy, said he and his wife, Sister Shelly Bennett, felt inspired to invite BYU-Idaho students to ask themselves three introspective questions.

The first question he posed was, “Who am I?”

“You are the very offspring of your Heavenly Father,” he said. “Before coming to this earth, each of you grew and progressed.”

The second question was, “What are my greatest desires?”

Elder Bennett said this question does not always directly relate to current goals or desires but to the desires held in the premortal life.

The third question Elder Bennett invited students to ask themselves was, “What are my highest priorities?”

Elder Bennett said these priorities were fixed in the premortal world when Heavenly Father’s children became aware of their mortal experience here  on Earth.

“You and I knew that we would not always obey the commandments,” Elder Bennett said. “You knew that your sins could separate you from Heavenly Father forever.”