SALT LAKE CITY — Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles addressed a group of young men shortly after the Priesthood Session of general conference who are preparing to serve missions in the near future.

“Any service we do produces the changes in us that make us the kind of people who can live with Him in His presence,” Elder Christofferson said.

Elder Christofferson took some time to answer a few questions about missionary service and the gospel, including advice for those who are doubting whether or not he or she should serve a mission.

“It’s normal to worry about your adequacy,” Elder Christofferson said. “I think the thing to remember is we don’t do this alone or on our own capability — none of us are adequate. Who really can represent the Lord and do it with his own talent? You need His help.”

Elder Christofferson said his advice to those doubting missionary service is to get invested in The Book of Mormon.

“It’s the foundation of my conversion — and it continues to expand and deepen,” Elder Christofferson said. “In the end, as missionaries, all we really ask people to do is to read that book and pray about it with real intent. If they will, then they’ll know.”

Elder Christofferson said more important than a mission, are priesthood ordinances and temple covenants.

“What I want to say to you before we part is that this is the Church of Jesus Christ,” Elder Christofferson said. “I always knew by faith that He leads it. But I know now by experience that He leads it, and personally and actively, he leads it. I want you to know that He does live and He is the Son of God.”