With a message of “fairness for all” in religious freedom, Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke at the Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey, on July 26.

Elder Cook, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke to leaders of primarily black churches from across the U.S., according to Mormon Newsroom.

He said, as reported in Mormon Newsroom, that religious freedom should welcome all voices to the public square and they should have a “fairness for all” approach.

“If there is to be ‘fairness for all,’ no one should face a threat to their very existence,” Elder Cook said, according to Mormon Newsroom. “All should affirmatively recognize that everyone is entitled to protection for their core freedoms and interests. We cannot abandon the basic moral high ground that gives meaning to this life and has guided civilizations for centuries.”

Deseret News reported that Rev. Eugene F. Rivers III, founder and president of the institute, said that the LDS Church has been a supporter of the idea of religions being free to practice fairness for all.

“We’re excited about the church of the Latter-day Saints because of their commitment to religious freedom and their commitment to fairness, which translates for us into justice for the poor,” Rivers said, according to Deseret News.

Elder Cook said that everyone should evaluate when and how they use social media, according to Deseret News.

“We hear a lot about being authentic in social media,” Elder Cook said to Deseret News. “Being sincerely Christ-like is an even more important goal than simply being authentic.”

Mormon Newsroom reported that Rivers said{{ that}} black churches have an important role when it comes to religion freedom.

“The issue of religious freedom for black people and the black church is really the issue of survival,” Rivers said, according to Mormon Newsroom. “All of these secular organizations who all believed the fiction that God was dead have now discovered that God is very much alive.”

The video of the conference is available on YouTube.