LDS.ORG | Courtesy Photo

LDS.ORG | Courtesy Photo

Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles made an unexpected visit to three Boise stakes over the weekend, according to KUTV.

“When you follow false prophets, when you start toward apostasy, you are on the wrong side,” Oaks said. “Stand fast with the leadership of the Church.”

Church historian Richard Turley joined Elder Oaks, and together they shared a message about false prophets and other critics of the Church, according to KUTV. This specific message, which was given on Saturday, has caused some speculation about what the purpose was. It is being discussed on blogs and other online platforms. However, Elder Oaks said he had free time and used it to visit some members in the Boise area.

Elder Oaks addressed three specific false claims about the LDS Church, according to KUTV. The first was that the Church is not the same Church that was restored by Joseph Smith. The second is that the Church focuses more on following the brethren of the Church rather than worshiping Christ. Lastly, that people who are ex-communicated or disfellowshipped should not create their own meetings and groups outside the organized church, but rather come and meet with fellow saints in their ward or stake.

However, the Church denies that Elder Oaks’ visit was due to these claims, according to KUTV. Oaks simply used this as an opportunity to teach important doctrines to members of the Church.