Elder Teh


Tuesday, June 9,  Elder Michael John U. Teh addressed the students of BYU-Idaho. Elder Teh drew from his experiences being in the Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking specifically to the students concerning the weaknesses young adults experience during this Last Dispensation.

Elder Teh expressed that by relying on the Spirit, students can receive personal revelation, which will provide direction during hard times.

Elder Teh offered some steps for students to follow:

1. Receiving Revelation or Answers to Questions

Elder Teh reminded students that revelation comes not in dramatic, attention-grabbing forms, but in simple, peaceful, positive and distinct impressions if the recipient is spiritually ready to receive such feelings.

 2.   Knowing Good from Evil 

The Light of Christ helps combat the graying ideas between good and evil, allowing individuals to recognize that good influences and actions bring light and aid to others, whereas evil influences and ideas on detract from any progressing good.

Elder Teh said if it is not of God, it is of the devil.

“When faced with tremendous pressure, some people act or form opinions in a manner that suggests that they have never known that there is a living prophet on the earth today,” Elder Teh said.

3. Finding the Right Balance

Focusing on a personal “North Star” can act as a guiding principle for finding the right balance, and everything else will work out. This “North Star” can be a moment for personal prayer, spending time with family, scripture study or any other uplifting Gospel-related activity.

4. What it Means to Endure to the End

Focusing on repentance and change will steer members lives in the direction where students can endure to the end. To endure to the end, members must not feel at ease in Zion, as constant work and perseverance will only help individuals endure as members must do the best he or she can, and no more.

In conclusion, Elder Teh offered spiritual support to the students and reminded students that the Quorum of the Seventy prays for them.