Dick Fennell, a pilot from Wyoming who is flying in Rexburg’s Legacy Flight Musuem Air Show on Saturday, made a successful landing at the airport after having to make emergency landing in a hayfield earlier on Friday.

John Bagley, the owner of the Legacy Flight Museum, said the pilots and photographers were taking aerial photographs when Fennell’s engine stopped and he had to make an emergency landing.

Bagley said this will not affect the show and that Fennell will fly in the air show.

Fennell said there was a problem with the gas pump he used before taking off.

“I thought I had 27 gallons,” Fennell said. “I landed with 12 and a half gallons.”

Fennell, who has been flying since 1978, said he has never made an emergency landing in this plane before, but he definitely has in other planes.

“My engine quit, and I had to land,” he said. “It was kind of not optional.”

Fennell said he had to take off from the field by flying underneath the electrical wires.

“It’s all just part of the journey,” he said.

Fennell said he calls his plane “P2” for “Precious 2” and that his wife, Gail, whom he calls Spanky — from The Little Rascals — is “P1.”

“She is the coolest, most amazing woman I ever met in my life,” he said.

Fennell said his wife helped him get out of the field.

Fennell said he usually flies in competitions, not in air shows.

“My mates talked me into it, and you know, coming to see my friends is coming home,” Fennell said.

Fennell said the air show will feature pilots who have a special relationship with their aircraft — as if their aircraft speaks to them.

“You’ve got some great acts here,” he said. “You’re going to see some of the best in the world.”