The Student Employment Office is being reorganized to better serve the needs of students and faculty on campus. New changes allow more growth for employment.

Liz Hokanson, change and communication manager of Human Resources, said one of the purposes of this new area of Student Employment is to allow more focus on elevating the experience student employees have within their roles on campus.

“All of these aspects are going to be implemented in order to develop disciple leaders with professional experience that will be a springboard for life after graduation,” Hokanson said.

Hokanson said Human Resources is being altered to better support the employees of the university. With this elevation comes the opportunity to elevate the office and become more of a business partner across campus to help departments and employees accomplish their mission while working to meet the overall mission of the university.

“I am hoping this change will help students to develop into professional disciple leaders and gain valuable experience that will put them far and above other applicants as they leave the university,” Hokanson said.

Hokanson said experience will come from student employees putting in the time and energy while the departments do the same.

“Often we forget that student employees are just that — students,” Hokanson said. “The mission of the university is all about the student and their development and preparing them, and this mission doesn’t just apply to them in the classroom, but does and should include their employment opportunities on campus.”

Hokanson said the Student Employment team is working to build a strong foundation with a new website, job searching tools and valuable resources for future and current employees.

“It is my hope that by the middle of spring semester, individuals across campus will start to see the changes, and by the end of the year we will really be working with individual departments to help them elevate the student employment experiences for their own students,” Hokanson said.

Hokanson said the Student Employment Office is trying to focus on ensuring that they have all the tools, information and relationships to increase the ability to find jobs and experience a valuable employment experience, one that will be provided as the student shows their investment and dedication to the opportunity.

“This university relies heavily on students, and it is our goal to make sure that we incorporate the mission of the university into everything we do to help students with or without employment on campus,” Hokanson said.

Ashlee Brinkley, a sophomore studying psychology, is an employee at The Crossroads. Brinkley’s job is a Crossroads cashier.

“This is my first on campus job, and I love it,” Brinkley said. “Just like any job it can be challenging, but it is a good experience.”

Brinkley has been working at The Crossroads since the start of winter semester. Brinkley found the job on the campus job board. She applied in person and a few days later was offered the position.

Jon Crossley, a senior studying recreational management, has never had an on-campus job and was unfamiliar with the Student Employment Office.

“If I was more aware of the Student Employment Office and what they offer, I would have sought out the opportunity to have an on campus job,” Crossley said.

Crossley said he wanted an on campus job but was unable to obtain one.

“The Student Employment Office would have made my search easier for a job,” Crossley said.

The Student Employment Office is located in room 226 of the Spencer W. Kimball Student and Administrative Services Building.

The Student Employment Web page answers questions about employment. The Web page also answers several questions in student employment, training and employment benefits. Students with any further questions can contact the Employment Office through