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Campus and Pathway students continue to increase in enrollment at BYU-Idaho.

University Relations recorded 16,738 as the total number of students on campus in Winter Semester. There was a 7.1 percent increase in enrollment from Winter Semester 2014, resulting in an additional 1,113 students.

Brad Hales, strategic enrollment management coordinator for BYU-Idaho, said the current estimates for enrollment in Spring Semester 2015 are around 14,000 students on campus.

The number of students enrolled in Spring Semester 2014 was 12,931 students. The low enrollment was caused by the adjustment in missionary age eligibility announced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to the Spring Semester 2014 statistics.

“The second wave of the missionary rush will be arriving this year,” Hales said. “The enrollment will be back up again.”

Hales said another reason enrollment in the spring is typically lower than other semesters is because of the timing of the three-track system. Spring semester runs through summer, and most students take online classes instead of coming to campus.

Hales said that in the past 10 semesters, the percentage of on-track students taking online classes rose from 41 percent to 48 percent.

Past statistical reports from the school have shown an increase in enrollment of students over the years.

The Pathway Fall 2014 Fact Sheet shows student enrollment has increased each year. In 2011, the enrollment in the program was 601 students, but in 2014, that number grew to 11,288 students.

The Pathway program has served a total of 27,028 students from the U.S. and other countries around the world, according to the statistic report. Students from 27 different countries take part in the program to earn a number of certificates, and associate and bachelor’s degrees.

At current numbers, the Pathway program has 9,999 students this year, according to the statistic report. Of those students, 2,380 students are from outside the U.S. and Canada.

The students that complete Pathway are then able to enroll in the BYU-I online degree program if they choose. So far, 4,676 students have been enrolled in various online degrees that are offered from BYU-I this year.

“The number of enrolled students not on campus for Winter Semester 2015, including online and Pathway students, is 17,979, an increase of 51.1 percent compared to this time last year,” according to BYU-Idaho Newsroom. “For Winter Semester 2014, that number was 11,895.”

For the first time, the number of students enrolled online and through Pathway was greater than the enrollment of students on campus in Winter Semester 2015, by 1,241 students, according to BYU-Idaho Newsroom.