NATHAN FLEMING | Scroll Photography

NATHAN FLEMING | Scroll Photography

Allen Powers, freelance videographer and ESPN Monday Night Football cameraman, came to BYU-Idaho June 9 to speak to students about how they can become successful in their careers.

Powers has been a freelance videographer since 1988. In that time, he has won two Emmy awards in the academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He has covered seven Super Bowls, four NBA championships, five Kentucky Derbys and covered American Pharoah when he won the Triple Crown June 6.

Powers said he worked 60 hours a week while he was a full-time student at Colorado State.

“I would get up at 3 a.m.; I would go to work at UPS,” Powers said. “I would work from 3:30-7:30 a.m. I had an 8 a.m. class. I would change clothes while driving to class. Forget about texting and driving, try changing your pants at a stoplight. Then I was a program director at a radio station. Then I would go work at a television production company. I would get home at 11 p.m., get four hours of sleep, and try to do some schoolwork, get up and go back to UPS.”

Powers said the two keys to success are first, finding your talents and your passion, and second, being a good person.

He said focusing on being a good person is the best way to get a competitive edge over others who are competing for the same jobs.

“If you find someone else that’s gossiping, backstabbing, realize they are probably going to do that to you,” Powers said.

Powers said television was his back-up plan.

“I wanted to be a minister,” he said. “I felt that I was called of God.”

Powers said that after he graduated from high school, he really struggled with being a leader and being worthy. He didn’t feel like he was strong enough to take on the responsibility of being a minister.

“I had a prayer and said, God, I’ve got to go in a different direction,” Powers said.

Powers said that is when he decided to go into television.

“It’s not necessarily where you start in life, it’s where you end up,” Powers said.