The Choirfest is on Friday, Feb. 12. There are two shows, one starting at 6 p.m. and another at 8:30 p.m.

“Choirfest is a celebration, a concert full of uplifting, beautiful and exciting songs performed by four of our BYU Idaho choirs,” said Rebecca Lord, the choral director of Choirfest.

Lord said she prepared the ensembles of the Choirfest including love songs for Valentine’s Day.

“I view my role as a conductor more as a mission than a ‘job,’” Lord said. “Music has the power to move the soul, to change lives. It can go straight to the heart, surpassing the power of words alone. It can bind a wounded heart, strengthen or build a testimony, bring joy and a greater understanding of truth.”

Lord said her choir is like an athletic team. The music has power to unify.

“My choir is a team, just like an athletic team,” Lord said. “We train hard and work with a high level of discipline, pursuing excellence and perfection in every aspect of our performance: breathing, tone, diction, expressive performance, heartfelt communication.”

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Lord said the choir works to find the joy in music and connecting the music with the audience who hears it.

“This means meaningful and effective rehearsals and performances,” Lord said. “It also means one-on-one interactions with singers as needs arise. And it necessitates many hours of preparation and careful planning.”

Lord said the role of the conductor is to fulfill the potential of each singer in a way that is deeply meaningful and positive to each individual.

“I love my students,” Lord said. “And I love what music does for their individual lives.”

Lord said she loves seeing her singers grow, serve each other, become disciplined and become unified.

“I can’t even express how magnificent it feels to stand in front of my team of 220 singers, to see their beautiful faces giving, singing their hearts out, performing with precision, with power, with testimony, and with love,” Lord said.

Lord said the Choirfest is an ideal Valentine’s date.

The Winter Choirfest includes ensembles featuring Women’s Glee, Men’s/Women’s Choir, Concert Choir and Collegiate singers, according to the BYU-Idaho website.