Sister Sheri L. Dew, CEO of Deseret Book, spoke at devotional on Tuesday about the importance of asking questions.

Emily Stackman, a sophomore studying child development, said one of her favorite quotes that Dew shared was how conversion takes action.

“That statement really hit home because it is important to think about the things that the Church is teaching, but act on the things the Church is teaching,” Stackman said.

Dew highlighted the goodness and vitality of inspired questions.

“I learned that it is okay to have questions,” Stackman said. “It’s actually wonderful to have questions. It’s about seeking the truth, but seeking it from the proper sources and not doubting the answer we receive. If it came from Him, it’s good, and it’s important for us to remember that.”

Dew shared the stories of two young women and the differences in their questions. One story was about a young girl who had questions but cried out for help, while the other story was about a sister who justified her sins due to her questions.

After devotional, Stackman said Dew spoke to her heart and that she is making goals to listen to the spirit to guide her to the people who are crying out for help.

“Are you willing to engage in the wrestle?” Sister Dew asked the audience at the end of her talk. “I invite you to decide to pay the price to wrestle. If you do, you will be able to defend the faith.”